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Sire Consistency Prevails For 2020 First Season Sires

Posted 18/9/2022

             In my analysis of the 2020 First Season Sires, it's Mehmas who has consistently shown that he has improved his mares in his first three crops. In this 3rd crop, running as 2yo's in 2022, his progeny are 6th highest from the 15th best set of mares. Unsurprisingly, the others to show up well so far with this 3rd crop include TerritoriesKodi Bear and Goken amongst the better performers and these sires have also done well with other crops. New Bay and Awtaad are below the trendline so far whereas they have been above it in the first two crops, significantly so in the case of New Bay. Perhaps we will see that change by the end of the year. The Gurkha has been a disappointment so far but this crop are shaping up better although he only has a small crop of 20, of which only 3 have run, so we'll need to see a bit more evidence before we can say he is doing better this time around. 

            Coulsty with a crop of only 3 and Estidhkaar with only one runner to date can be ignored as far as this chart is concerned and we'll see better data at the end of the year in the case of the latter.

            At the end of the 1st year of the 1st crop for these stallions (and there were 26 of them being analysed then) I concluded in February 2021 that the following sires had performed the best:- 

  1. Mehmas
  2. Coulsty
  3. Territories
  4. New Bay
  5. Kodi Bear
  6. Goken

and it seems to me that they are still the best. Obviously, Coulsty is a difficult one to judge given that he only had a reasonable crop size in his 1st crop whereas crops 2 and 3 have 15 between them so we will have to wait and see what he does with the expected crop increase in 2023 which will only hit the track in 2025! Meanwhile, there is no doubt in my mind that Mehmas deserves his nomination hike to €50,000 and it is exciting to think about what he will do when we see his produce from better quality mares hit the track.

            To see all 2020 crop progress look under the Research tab.

Jim Atkinson

18th September 2022

James Ortega Bloodstock Ltd